Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Activity by Cambodian Buddhist Student-Monks in Sri Lanka on 10, July 2011

Dear Dhamma Friends,
SMILE has a great honor to bring a good memorial activity done by Khmer Buddhist Student-Monks in Sri Lanka. This ceremony is called 'Opening Ceremony for Foundation of Building' in Cambodian Buddhist Center on 10, July 2011. The Cambodian Buddhist Students Center is conducting the building (two stories), Wall and Entrance-Gate. Please enjoy seeing the following activities recorded by SMILE. With Metta, 

 The Audiences came to join the Opening Ceremony together with Venerable Cambodian Student-Monks.

 Venerable Kashapa Khemara addressed to audiences in the Opening conducted building Ceremony.

 Cambodian Buddhist Student-Monks from various places gathered in the Ceremony.

 The Minister of Sri Lanka addressed his concern to the audiences.

 The Most Venerable Muth Panna gave his welcome speech to the audiences in Opening conducted building ceremony.

The Donor of Land for Khmer Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka gave her great speech with encouraging Cambodian Buddhist Student-Monks in progressive Works. She donated very large land to build Cambodian Temple for the benefits of the many, for the peace and happiness of the world and also for the development of Human Resources in Cambodia.

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